I Am Your Disease Poem

I Am Your Disease Poem. So many have chosen me over reality and peace. You're gonna like the way you poop, i guarantee it.

Alzheimer’s Poem Do not ask me to remember. Do not try to make me
Alzheimer’s Poem Do not ask me to remember. Do not try to make me from www.pinterest.com

Wishes of misery and heartache i send. Allow me to introduce myself. You choose to have me.

You've Become My Vessel Through Life, I Have Shown.

I am such a hated disease and yet i don’t come uninvited. There are literally hours returned to each day in which i am free to do more, plus. What follows is a response to that.

For Many Years I’ve Urged Folks To Read, “I Am Your Disease” As That Poem Succinctly Defines The Power Of Addiction By Personifying The Disease.

To all who come in contact with me, i wish you death and i wish you suffering. My name is graves’ disease…. Allow me to introduce myself!

I Bring Self Destruction, But Still You Can’t Tell.

Drug addiction, also called substance use disorder, is a disease that. You choose to have me. I'm your friend when you looked into your mirror.

I Am The Disease Of Alcoholism.

I've imprisoned you since, adolescence and your teens. Addiction, including alcoholism, is an incurable illness recognised by the world health organisation. Hello fellow addicts i am your disease, i will never let you sleep or put your mind at ease, i will always be here no matter where you go, i am smarter.

I Love It When I Make You So Numb, You Can't Hurt And You Can't Cry.

All i ask for in return is long term suffering. A letter from your disease. I am your disease, cunning, brutal i hold the keys to your chains.