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Legosi X Reader Lemon Tumblr. You had heard the rumors about the little rabbit, but it never bothered you, even. I hate tumblr rn 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 *ahem* anyways… if you saw.

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The young wolf, legosi was just a normal student living in cherryton high. He saw a small kit fox standing over an even smaller rabbit curiously, peering over her. Again, i arise and feed my scraps to this blog, and then quickly scuffle away, not to be.

Again, I Arise And Feed My Scraps To This Blog, And Then Quickly Scuffle Away, Not To Be.

They are extremely supportive but slightly confused at how a snake and a rabbit fell in love. Maybe you’re jealou a of harry or something ? Legosi takes a liking to the reader and offers to walk her back.

And Your Love For Flowers.

Kuroshitsuji lemon ~kuroshitsuji and lemons~ ask the lemon text ciel x reader lemon. You agree to let haru tell her closest friends, louis and legoshi, about you. He stops to look at you.

The Only Reason He Was There Was Because Of His Grandad, Although Hating There At First, He Di.

For tumblr by peter vidani theme: Can you make a fic with legoshi, louis, riz and pina receiving a secret love letter from a male carnivore and then they try to figure out who it is and once they. The fox twirled around and.

Is The Longets, Most Popular Fic And Its A Gift Because It Keeps Going And You Will Have Thousans Of Words To Read.

That would mean that you were white, and bright colors attracted attention. A few people sent in some legoshi stuff so that’s my next wip. He saw a small kit fox standing over an even smaller rabbit curiously, peering over her.

Can I Get A Legosi X Female Reader Who Is The Only Arctic Wolf At School And Meets Him Through Haru During Lunch.

In this one, legosi attacks louis instead of haru at the begining of the story. What about legoshi with a significant other who is a carnivore just like him,. Ahhh i’d love legosi x jealous!