Modular Second Story Addition

Modular Second Story Addition. For more information about a second level addition for your alexandria area home, call. We specialize in getting you the results you want quickly with minimal hassle to you and your family.

Bloomfield Duplex/Townhouse Style Modular Homes
Bloomfield Duplex/Townhouse Style Modular Homes from

Whether you need a second story to provide bedrooms for a growing family, add a new garage or simply expand the living areas, we can design the modular home addition to suit your family's needs. Are you interested in learning more about a second story addition for your vienna area home? This is possible without the hassle of packing, buying a new home or uprooting your children from the neighborhood and schools they love.

This Is Possible Without The Hassle Of Packing, Buying A New Home Or Uprooting Your Children From The Neighborhood And Schools They Love.

An exception to the rule is a prefabricated bathroom pod that can be added inside a building as well as an extension. If you live in san diego, expect to spend around $450,000 to. This is how a modular home is completed.

A Modular Addition Can Be Setup In As Few As Three Days!

Yes, you can add a second level to a modular home in most cases. Once the addition is in place, the inside of your home is protected from a sudden storm. You can add a second story to most of the modular homes based on the strength of the structure.

We Specialize In Getting You The Results You Want Quickly With Minimal Hassle To You And Your Family.

Modular homes are made by putting together different sections and modules in factories. A modular home has general characteristics. Of space for a basic job and $600,000 to $900,000 for more complex construction.

The Existing Roof Will Be Completely Removed And And The Home Will Be Prepped For The New Addition.

The existing air handler and duct work will be removed from the existing attic. It is amazing how much time modular additions save. Second, the existing home and foundation must be structurally capable of carrying the additional weight, which is substantial.

But What Mostly Draws Those Young Customers To Winn Is The Compressed Project Timetable.

In other words, the cost for a modular addition at the lower end actually is below the lower end for a typical home addition altogether. Not at your home, in a workshop/factory, and when it is ready, it is transported and dropped on top of your home. The speed is very important as building additions will temporarily disrupt your lifestyle.