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Naruto Has A Hive Fanfiction. The hive mind claimed the lives of tao ma, senju hashirama, and senju tsunade, he honours them with his actions every day. Naruto king of the hive fanfiction.

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The children squealed in joy as they played their game of 'ninja.'. From birth, it had been there for aburame shino. Naruto moved with his four limbs around danzo and her, as the drones were keeping the others entertained.

I'm Not A Demon, He Shouted.

His naked body was coated inside the egg. Naruto king of the hive fanfiction. He has dedicated his life to the protection of the world that he once vowed to destroy.

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Though the hive was looked on with shock, and possibly horror from much of konoha, this was because they did not understand the close bond the aburame had with the kikai. Naruto, the carrier of the hive, an aliens/predator + naruto crossover fanfic | fanfiction. Naruto, you are seven years old, you are not expected to be so formal. yes sir.

Naruto King Of The Hive Fanfiction.

Naruto had just enough time to see the ground approach him before he smashed into it with a boom. He could not move, so restrained within. With each beat of naruto's heart, the egg shifted, naruto tried to move, but was unable to, completely encased.

This Mysterious Egg Will Bring Changes Of Monumental Proportions.

I am typically very descriptive in transformation themes, so you have been warned rising from elna and into the stars, the king of the hive and his chosen children take into the great abyss seeking information, dna, a good fight and ol' fashioned revenge against the four eyed 6 vui; The medical ninja was also covering the wound on her neck, her fangs went a few inches deep and almost an inch wide. Naruto smiled and nodded back, shino's blush became more noticeable as he sank into his collared jacket.

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All was well and all were happy. See full list on naruto see full list on naruto. Rise of the new transcendent soul kingis a fan fictional naruto and bleach crossover story.