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Naruto Turns Into A Dragon Fanfiction. Devin gave him a weird look, but turned to me instead. We are your friends jade. naruto replied.the fight keeps going on which kakashi, sakura and naruto decides to join in.hado # 90 kurohitsugi! aizen shouted as jade dodges his attack and uses icicles on him but he dodges her attacks.

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The sealer was the yondaime hokage (3), the strongest shinobi in the village. Naruto was the one given the curse mark and leaves to join orochimaru and has one goal in life revenge i don't own naruto op. Werewolves are humans that can shift into wolves.

He Was 13 Years Old And Had Been Working With Danzo Since He Was 7.

Naruto turned quickly and slammed his full weight into iruka forcing them both to drop to the ground. 1 day ago · lori: Sasuke looked curiously around the room.

The Rest Of Konaha Doesn't Take The Change So Well.

The hatred was almost palpable in the air and the boy paled behind his mask. Naruto turned to meet the gaze of the dragon and as their eyes met chishiki's eyes began to gleam with a mysterious intensity. As an orphan from the village hidden by rain, konan was trained > by jiraiya.

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She joined the akatsuki roughly at the age of 18, after the third great ninja war. Almost immediately she walked into the room with a stack of paperwork for naruto's potential new father, more than ready to get that damned demon the hell out of her orphanage and away from the other children. This is a fight between me and aizen. jade replied.jade.

It Doesn't Matter If You Want To Join In.

There are more than 231 naruto can transform into a dragon fanfiction stories published on goodnovel. Uzumaki naruto was the boy's name. Naruto coughed as he, and the rest of team 7, was sitting in a hospital room.

Mizuki Felt A Tread Of Fear As Naruto Sent All His Killing Intent At Him, He Could Imagine His Death Before His Eyes, Being Torn Apart By An Icy.

Werewolves are humans that can shift into wolves. Naruto accepted and learned his magic. The man had deep golden eyes and golden hair with silver streaks in them, the man smiled at naruto and spoke in a regal tone.