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Naruto Uzumaki X Male Reader. A 12 year old lone ninja from no village becomes severely injured, and becomes a citizen in konohagure! The showed pictures and gifs or any videos, belongs to their respective owners.

(On Hold) No Happy Endings Boruto x Seme Male Reader Slow updates from

Inside there laid a child wrapped in blood died cloths. Naruto | reader | anime/manga fanfiction realistic male dream reality crimson various x reader various x male. I look (up/down) at him and kiss him.

Naruto | Reader | Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Naruto X Male Reader Male Reader Inset Moon Dojutsu.

Fairy tail x male reader. “i’m glad,” he nodded, kicking his shoes off near his door. He kisses back stroking my (l/h) (h/c) locks.

In Other Words, A Class Beyond The S Ranks.

Naruto | reader gaara rock lee | anime/manga sasuke neji shikamaru kakashi kiba shino kankuro choji x male reader naruto various. He's moved here from the hidden sand, so make him feel welcome. iruka said walking in with you following him. Hey naruto, i feel like i forgot something. naruto looks confused.

Kakashi Stared Down At You From His Spot In A Tree Where He Was Reading Bạn Sẽ Là Người Xem Đầu Tiên!

I smile, i felt like we were forgetting something. You stepped onto naruto’s doorstep, hand in hand. Yes lord sixth. you replied.

It Belongs To Masashi Kishimoto!

Good, out of all our anbu currently staffed i feel you are the most competent. “five more minutes more,”you begged to whoever was listening. Sasuke smirks everyone else clears the arena.

I Laugh Happily Hugging Him Tightly.

Meeting little rays of hope. Follow the story of fairy tail's most powerful mage, but he refuses to use his own magic, and for u. He may not a hero legally, but he was in everyone's hearts.