Should I Get Hu Tao Or Childe

Should I Get Hu Tao Or Childe. I am mogar, god of irony and the devourer of topics. Going through the pros and cons for both characters.

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Id be able to afford every genshin 5*. Hu tao is one of the best main dps characters in the game. Kap678 1 year ago #4.

Going Through The Pros And Cons For Both Characters.

The average spiral abyss player will most likely also want to run zhongli or at least diona with c0 hu tao to help shield her (shields are largely optional to childe by comparison even to the average spiral. Seeing how you have bennet and xingqiu already, it might make more sense to build around hu tao. 2.2 banner childe or hu tao?

If You Like Them Both Equally Go For Hutao Because Shes Meta.

But hu tao is good too! Pegeta 1 year ago #3. Deathmatch and homa are her best bet, and childe.

Darkroast 8 Months Ago #1.

Get who you like more. Hu taos 12% crit bonus after her e will make him even better too. Greatest husbando vs greatest waifu, who is better?

I Am Mogar, God Of Irony And The Devourer Of Topics.

Childe wants more supports, grouping and you have to manage his e cooldown actively to avoid a dps loss from leaving it on too long. Hu tao is one of the best main dps characters in the game. Who should i wish on and if i get one of them who should i replace?

Hu Tao Because Of Her Personality (And The C1 Version Maybe Because Of Her Charge Attack Style).

Is this even a question? As for replicating hu tao playstyle you can just use spear user that have similar charge attack (xiangling and rosaria), and you can then decide yourself which one is more fun. On top of that, she is unrivaled in terms of dps;