Spencer Reid X Male Reader

Spencer Reid X Male Reader. You sigh and lean into spencer’s chest, just. Spencer reid x male reader warnings:

Raggedy Man, Goodnight — Book Thief Spencer Reid x Male Reader Warnings… from fly-flower-fanfics.tumblr.com

Spencer reid x male reader; Spencer reid x male reader warnings: Can u do a spencer x.

She Has Built A Fairly Good Rapport With The Team, Even.

None ~~~~~ i went to the library for what felt like the millionth time this week. I grunt as the knife goes into my side, falling to the ground. You know, you should really let me know earlier when you're.

Count Down (Semper Fi) Reid X Male!Reader.

“reid.” spencer looked up at aaron, “you and morgan check out the cafe, see if the owner recognizes the victims. Reader hears about a kiss between spencer and another agent and now must deal with the fact that he’d cheated to solve a case. (your name) is an additional member of the behavior analysis unit.

Spencer Watched Until Y/N Rounded The Corner Towards The Exit.

Spencer walks over to you and rubs your back, watching as the reporters scale the fence once more and camp out on your front lawn. Spencer and the team are heading back to their hotel when he spots someone in front of the railing on a bridge. Falling in love with two people at once felt like sitting in the middle of an ocean during a hurricane i would always let a love like theirs.

I Haven't Seen Very Many Spencer X Male Reader Oneshots So I Thought I'd Make My Own 🙂 This Will Probably Include Some Angst, Fluff, And Lime I Take Requests.

Can u do a spencer x. He held my back gently, i'm sorry i came home late, it was a 3 hour plane ride back. he rubbed my back gently. I couple weeks ago i managed to get hit by a car, so they decided to.

—> —> —> —> —> It Had Always Been An Easy Target For The.

Spencer grumbles for a few minutes of course but after some more reassuring you hold the other side of the saddle again. I groan as i stumble out of the hospital bed, making my way to the hall. You sigh and lean into spencer’s chest, just.