Star Wars Self Insert Jedi Fanfiction

Star Wars Self Insert Jedi Fanfiction. Looking for some good star wars si that doesn't devolve into harem or wish fulfillment. Linkffn (13247804) is a self insert of sabé (padmé's handmaiden) and is ongoing.

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Isn't there a rule against jedi getting into relationships? he asked chase. In that time that was a question he and his friends came to ask often, especially greez, seeing as he was the captain of the ship. I recognized them immediately, anakin, obi wan, and ahsoka.

Star Wars Male Oc Fanfiction.fanfiction Writers And Readers Are A Terrific Source Of Inspiration And Help I Would Be Designing The Template Over The Card, Most Of These Warrior Cats Shorts Will Be Focusing On My Own Ocs And My Oc World Or For Prompts I Like But Along The Way, He Falls For A Certain.

Never was completely sold on the whole idea of sis to begin with, but some of my more recent ideas just wouldn’t work in any other kind of setting, and i’ve been. For the droids she’s just another target. That is the only description of my 50 years in and out of consciousness in the.

He Soon Puts The Helmet On And Grabs His Weapons.

It is not a true self insert as i am attempting to keep this character unlike myself. Here be dragons is a worm fiction. And given how long i've existed, that was a really long time ago.

Attachment So, Where To Next? Those Were The Words Cal Had Spoken But So Many Months Ago After His Battle With Trilla At The Fortress Inquisitorius.

Jedi don't get angry, it's against their religion. vinny said. Set in swtor era or prequel era is preferred. I recognized them immediately, anakin, obi wan, and ahsoka.

Self Insert, Romance, Action, Cyoa, Jumpchain, Essence.

Yay, another story to procrastinate on! They looked back between me and dooku and i became uncomfortable. A young mandalorian jedi has been taken to the temple on illum to receive his kyber crystal and officially construct his lightsaber.

I Don't Think It's A Religion. Adain Replied.

I am looking for a story in which a si or oc character is introduced and joins the empire as a trooper or officer to help the rebellion from the inside as a double agent. The four of them clashed sabers violently as they slashed and parried each other. Alternatively i would also like a story in which the new character is in fact loyal to the empire.