How To Confuse A Gay

How To Confuse A Gay. The picture isn't anything special, which is how people wouldn't understand the picture. I guess yeah, i'm really confused.

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For lgbt history month, let us hear stefan zweig in his sometimes exuberantly poetic language and with remarkably sensitivity. It is simply a gay joke, and a stupid one at that. How to confuse a gay guy

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How To Confuse A Gay Person

How To Confuse A Gay Person. In the majority of cases, homosexual confusion is a response to a complex and unpredictable mix of elements such as envy, idolatry, lust, trauma, abuse, neglect, father/mother wounds, and. It is as if they’ve got an eye of a woman for clothes.

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They have a keen eye for colors, fashion styles, trends and they can even. This is how you confuse a gay person. I’ve found that to not be the case, depending on who you’re talking to.

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