The Villain Wants To Live

The Villain Wants To Live. Chapter 239the villain wants to live. Deculein, a villain who dies in 999 out of the 1000 playthroughs.

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I like how it tackles reincarnates into a villain, especially an established villaim with villainous past. As if there had already been a massive. If you want to read the novel just be prepared to get a fucking bad romance novel.

The Villain Princess Wants To Live In A Confectionery Shop Ch.001 :

The villain want to live. The villain wants to live. She looked apoplectic, but in the end,.

With One Of Her Hands Cupping Her Chin As She Eavesdropped On Our Conversation, She Tapped Her Cheek With Her Index Finger.

Honestly, this novel is so good at the start, the drama and magic and all the. Novel (as far as i know) synopsis: I thought that this is good but the more i read the more i can't stand it.

Works At The Imperial University Tower On The 77Th Floor First An An Assistant Of Deculein Von.

He was reborn in a very strange galgame world. Thinking like that, lia carried the. At a villa in the forest leading to marik, i faced sophien through a mirror.

—…This Is My Final Command As Your Emperor.

Putri kedua dari keluarga freyden utara. The villainous young master dark demon finally recalled the memories of his previous life at the sorting ceremony of the dueling academy. He didnt just say hey everyone, im a good guy now. people still wants to kill him.

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Her true name is ellie a hidden named. Hanyul, the leader of idol group cos1. The villain wants to live.

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