Try Not To Pee Quiz

Try Not To Pee Quiz. 7) i have to go. Can you hold out until the end without peeing?

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For most parts of the world this is 18 years of age and older. I have to pee, but i could hold it for a couple more hours. Write on a piece of paper with one hand raised and legs spread apart “i need to pee” 20 times.

More Specifically, You Have To Do Nothing.

^_^ be sure to tag, like and share!inspired by bladder experimentpee, pee holding, do. Add to library 23 discussion 73. Now it’s still nothing at all.

Do 10 Squats That Go Very Low, Then Stand.

6) drink 3 cups of water and wait 10 mins,. Thirty minutes to an hour. [ report this test] try not to pee your pants!

Has Anyone Made One Try No Pee Challenged After Being Diaper For 3 Days, I Got One.

Try not to pee (hard) do everything this test says and let's see if you pee. When you reach the loo again, you’re desperate to pee. You are not allowed to.

As Extra Fluids 3 Cups.

Try to hold it in while doing the test. I can hold it for a good few hours. If you think you pee yourself during the quiz, you can record it and send it to me if you want to show your weak bladder (not if you.

So You Drink Some Water.

Its very hard good luck! Take this quiz and find out. A little quiz to make you pee your pants.

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