Tsunade And Baby Naruto Fanfiction

Tsunade And Baby Naruto Fanfiction. The line is not broken by rikkudo is a short, almost drabble length, oneshot for naruto. Tsunade is summoned to save the kid how will she react to the treatment na.

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Jiraiya picked up naruto rubbing his cheek with his own as he cried happily. I am! a man said (a/n= naruto age is 18. I don't own naruto or any of its characters but i do own my original ones.

If Are Not The Baby's Father! Tsunade Pointed At Asuma.

After preparing a bath for sasuke, naruto had decided to cook something for his love. They couldn't see what was going on in them since his long front bangs were shadowing them from the world. Tsunade frowned as she read over.

Kakashi Was A Bit More Sympathetic, The Older Jonin Taking The Glass Of Water Sakura Gave Him And Passing It To His Pupil.

At the beginning when the first signs began showing she thought it was only. After sacrificing her position as a heiress of her clan, hyuga hinari joined the branch family and lived with her cousin neji along with his dad, hizashi. Jiraiya picked up naruto rubbing his cheek with his own as he cried happily.

The Baby Was Good For A Few Moments But Then He Was Getting A Bit Uncomfortable.

Two months had already passed since the end of the second great shinobi war and that's when tsunade realised she was pregnant. Then as realization struck, she pulled the cloth around naruto's stomach away, revealing minato's seal. I edited couple of things, so i hope i did better then before 🙂 one shot

But After The Sealing Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, And Tsunade Take The Two Younger Siblings, Naruko And Menma, Away To Train With The Kyuubi's Chakra While They Leave Naruto In The Village, And Only Bad Things Can Come From That.

Naruto nodded and retreated into his mind, into the cage, and cuddled near kyuubi's neck before falling asleep. First published aug 04, 2018. I am! a man said (a/n= naruto age is 18.

Tsunade Frowned Softly At It And Did Something A Little Unexpected:

As a teenager, tsunade had drunken sex with jiraya. She caressed his hair consolingly. Tsunade was getting eerily nervous.