Untold Stories Of The Er Espanol Crashed

Untold Stories Of The Er Espanol Crashed. When teenage victims of a car crash fill his small er, a doctor must make critical decisions. Untold stories of the er:

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A man was found unconscious in the store where worked; A martial arts instructor suffers abdominal pains that quickly turn into a deadly condition; A small community er must handle three survivors of a plane crash.

A Car Crash Injures A Bride On The Way To Her Wedding;

Two fbi agents linger in the er after greene treats a stripper; An accident severs a boy's head; An er doctor must perform an emergency room thoracotomy on a patient who has been stabbed in the chest;

A Small Community Er Must Handle Three Survivors Of A Plane Crash.

With deborah perry, felipe aukai, shannon t. Season 11 episodes (10) 1 oh, deer! An er doctor has to overcome his fears when he's confronted with an unusual series of patients;

Twins Share Similar, Confusing Symptoms;

A patient's family is clueless. Two separate car crash victims are brought to the er in their underwear; A young pregnant woman in labor begs the er doctor to keep her pregnancy and delivery a secret from her father;

Bang Up Bachelorette/Sleepover Nightmare/Under Pressure.

Greg bush, an emergency room rookie, is about to be initiated into the operating room. A car crash victim leads the doctor to believe her baby may still be at the accident scene; A man's pacemaker is killing him, yet keeping him alive;

A Young Pregnant Woman In Labor Begs The Er Doctor To Keep Her Pregnancy And Delivery A Secret From Her Father.

On his first day on the job, a doctor must perform emergency brain surgery in the er; A glass tabletop nearly decapitates a man. A doctor treats three gunshot victims who claim be innocent bystanders but the police want to know who shot who;