Vietnam War Stories From Soldiers

Vietnam War Stories From Soldiers. A slightly distant cousin of mine spent time in the military, i think during the vietnam war. These stories from the vietnam war will break your heart.

Photographs of the Vietnam War taken by American soldiers shines a from

Pilot dave oliver was on one such mission, which was going badly, when the commander asked if was he willing to go in without waiting for backup. The people were the marines of echo company. His father and grandfather had served in war, so that's what.

Despite Being Able To Lead A Normal Life After The War, My Veteran Neighbour Was Still Haunted By The Trauma It Left.

There was a little dog, for a short time. He would wake up at night if there was a loud sound because it reminded him of the bombs that killed his comrades. The vietnam veterans memorial includes more than 58,000 names of men and women.

A Cordon Operation — An Enemy Soldier Runs Between Our Positions — How I Dodged The Bullets That He Fired At Me;

The place was quang nam province in the mountainous northern region of south vietnam. An average quang tri vietcong took 4 tonnes of bombs and 100 bullets to his or her body. For some, the vietnam veterans memorial in washington, d.c., is another stop on a long list of tourist attractions;

1St Battalion Of The 173Rd Along With C Co.

One morning after praying for god’s protection for himself and his comrades, he felt he should go into the mess hall early to prepare his baking duties. 10:49 | the air force rescue crews flying the big helicopters known as the jolly green giants began to get respect among the pilots of other services because they excelled at retrieving downed airmen. Home of the brave, vietnam war stories, be the first to submit a tribute honoring a vet from the vietnam war!

Former Army Doctor Tien Manh Nguyen Escaped To Australia After The Vietnam War.

Was nearby with a few thousand men. Strange but true stories of the vietnam war (2001), in which combat veteran and author kregg p.j. If you are a veteran, know a veteran, or are related to a veteran, and would like to place a personal story on the online veterans tribute, please mail it to:

His Father And Grandfather Had Served In War, So That's What.

One night, one of his fellow soldiers (who either wasn’t very observant, extremely sheltered, or just kind of stupid) comes up to him and says, “hey, kupelman, i hear there’s a jew in our unit.”. Troyer was like other soldiers in that he didn't question the draft or the vietnam conflict. This article and other features about america in vietnam can be found in the post’s special collector’s edition, the heroes of vietnam.