Why Are Kpop Girl Groups So Girly

Why Are Kpop Girl Groups So Girly. A classic, and the perfect beginning to this article. While they aren't exactly the underdogs among all the girl groups out there, it's the very reason why we can't understand how such a perfect group hasn't yet dominated the global markets yet.

DO YOU PREFER GIRLY GIRLS OR TOMBOYS??? KPop Amino from aminoapps.com

Earlier this week, an account claiming to promote an upcoming korean girl group called 6irly (i.e. You can’t really consider the two groups in the same category. Interesting, each member of everglow maintains a specific position in the whole group during live.

Even If Two Groups Have Similar Concepts, There's Still Some Kind Of Difference In Tone Or Style Or Whatever.

Kpop and korean entertainment discussions. Kpop girl group concept 2: Two groups were brave enough to cross over to the dark side.

Playback Is One Girl Group In The Kpop Industry That Should Have Received A Lot More Hype Than It Did.

If they appear to be shy in public that doesn't mean they are shy in real life. The account amassed over 2,000 followers over the course of two days before its owners, who remain unidentified. And the almost always topic regarding concepts is the girly/sweet concept.

Girl Songs Have More Variety In Style And Genres In Other Words.

Girl groups tend to dabble more in other genres as far as i can tell. Playback “want you to say”. But yes we cannot generalize this.

Girl Groups Tend To Have More Varied Concepts Than Boy Groups In My Experience.

The song, want you to say, with its fun lyrics and melody, was easy to listen to and should have been viral. Interesting, each member of everglow maintains a specific position in the whole group during live. The deck is stacked against girl groups and i will always support them.

Composed Of Members From Various Countries, Everglow Is A Multinational Kpop Girl Group Managed By Yuehua Entertainment, A Multinational Talent Agency From Beijing.

Like i said before, being sexy is not a crime. Whenever there are debuting girl groups or even just comebacks people always highlight the concepts and music style for each of these groups. My living room also has only white furniture.

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